Susan Suggests a Refresh! (on a budget) – How About Those Basement Steps?

So I live in a simple ranch style home.  It doesn’t have that “charm factor” that your sweet little tudors and century homes are graced with.  When I’m showing homes to my buyers I always admire the rounded doorways, glass door knobs and fun little built-ins of those beautiful homes.  My conservative little ranch lacks those fun features.  No hidden treasures to discover as you rip up carpet etc.

Such a bummer. 

So, for me, that lack of charm was something I decided to change.  I am learning you can slowly bring the charm in – to even the most ‘un’ charming homes – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

I have come to really appreciate paint, stains, old worn out furniture pieces and a great paint brush!

Ranch homes are a great buy – easy maintenance for the most part – but they often lack grand entrances.  Especially older builds.  And again, when showing homes, I realize when talking to buyers, that those first impressions can linger.

Okay, so in my case, when you walk into my house, you’re looking straight down into the basement.  Yuck. Not the best first impression in the state it was in.   So, while I lack that grand entrance – I had no choice but to work with what I have.  Here are some progress pictures of how I transformed my first impression – again not grand – but at least it has some of that charm I love.  This was my refresh on a budget.  My tools included some paint that needed used up, a pint of deck stain – again needed used up,  and a sand paper block.

How many of us have paint sitting on a shelf that you figured you’d never use?  No sense wasting it.  Put it to use!

My biggest expense was the rug at the base of the steps purchased for $26.99 from Target.

IMG_3953 IMG_3954Started with brightening up the  walls. IMG_3959 IMG_3990 IMG_3996

Removed the rubber tracking and did find vintage looking steps! So I balanced them out with some stain, and sanded them to give them a rustic look and feel. IMG_3999 IMG_4005

Decided to add a little white edge paint for a “pop”IMG_4007 IMG_4016 

Finished product (Calvin the Cat – approved).

So if you’re thinking about listing your home, take a quick glance at your basement steps.  Are they pleasing?  If not, they could be with just a simple refresh.