Susan Suggests a Refresh! – Check the Laundry Area

Okay so it’s not a fun room to hang out in, but I promise it doesn’t have to be un fun!  If doing laundry is one of your least favorite things to do, how about making it a bit more pleasant by making the room itself…well…pretty!   And, it might just make doing those piles of laundry seem a little less daunting while adding a little value to your home space as well. That’s always a good thing.

So here is my mini make over, with a ton of help from my daughter Morgan who definitely has an eye for design.


We tore off the existing cabinets that were functional, but also a catch all for clutter. You know…that space where you shove everything when you don’t want to see it? That was these cabinets.  They had to go.


The now empty wall behind the washer and dryer was then painted black.  Yep. Black.  I was nervous to go to that extreme with color but there was a plan in motion here.

So we removed the storage, and the clutter that went with it.  Removing clutter is so so so important folks.  But with that, I knew I needed shelving for the basic laundry necessities. I quickly found out once looking, that shelving can be expensive.  So, I went scavenging around the house and garage.  Luckily, I found some old wooden shelving that wasn’t being used productively in the garage.   And since I like to design on a budget, this was my free solution.  Sounding weird so far?  You’re not wrong.  At this point, I have no storage, a black wall and garage shelving.

I’m serious. 

So I knew it needed something to ‘class it up’ and really, warm it up.  Off I went again looking for a vintage looking ’tile’ and found it on Amazon.  By mere accident, (or my lack of measuring skill) I ended up with pieces much bigger than I originally thought, but my mistake turned into a beautiful back drop to offset that black wall.IMG_4442

Black walls…what?

So then we had some fun putting it all together.  We painted the rest of the laundry room walls with a soft grey paint that I had from the kitchen – which tied it in nicely.  Then, loaded the shelves with glass jars filled with only the laundry necessities (detergent pods, softener etc).  And on the opposing wall, decided on an industrial pipe hanger (again courtesy of Amazon) where I can hang the delicates and also keep a steamer handy for erasing wrinkles.  Fun garage sale finds also helped with accessorizing the shelves.


Boom!  A nice little update to a room that is sometimes just….bleh.

Total expense was estimated at about $300.  Add some creativity and sweat equity as well.

But now I really don’t mind being in this space to wash a little, dry a little, fold a little. It’s my laundry room makeover on a budget.  And equally important, it’s a great thing to do if you are thinking of selling your home.

If you are thinking of prepping your home for the market, let me know if you’d like me to do a quick walk through to offer some money saving suggestions!

Before new paint and clothing bar
Wooden shelves recycled from garage
Calvin approved
Calvin approved – (he got a little window seat made from an old shelf we covered with a carpet remnant)